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Market Risk Specialist

Industry: Government / Job Expires: 2021-09-30 11:19:01 / Location: Gauteng

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The Purpose:

  • To advise the internal department on a wide range of practices, conduct and concerns affecting the industry and allied activities. Assist with the development of effective internal policies and relevant legislation, as well as establish and maintain a professional relationship with the diverse industry players.

Minimum Requirements

  • A post graduate bachelor's degree in Commerce, Mathematics or Business Science.
  • A Master's degree in a related field or CFA/FRM certification will be an added advantage.
  • The person must have at least 3 to 5 years quantitative risk management experience within the investment/corporate banking, corporate finance or assets management industry.
  • Demonstrable experience in managing market risk as well as defining and developing quantitative market risk is essential.
  • An understanding of complex financial instruments and the pricing and valuation methodologies thereof is required.

Key Performance Areas

  • Develop and implement quantitative risk management capacity within the department including but not limited to quantitative risk models, risk management programs, oversight techniques and training schedules;
  • Provide critical analysis of significant issues affecting the industry and guide the department in the pursuit and achievement of international best practice;
  • Identify shortcomings and anomalies to the regulatory framework and subordinate legislation;
  • Propose changes to the regulatory framework and assist the Head of Department with the implementation of such changes;
  • Assist the Head of Department to develop and maintain an effective and efficient supervisory framework within the context of the approved legislation, and execute supervisory function within defined SLA limits
  • Assist with monitoring compliance with the provisions of the Financial Markets Act and subordinate legislation;
  • Assist with conducting investigations regarding Market Infrastructures and Over the Counter Derivatives Providers and ensure that all relevant complaints are dealt with;
  • Plan, conduct and provide feedback on onsite inspections, including liaison with relevant stakeholders;
  • Attend and constructively participate in all meetings and projects with stakeholders when required to do so; and
  • Liaise with and render appropriate regulatory guidance to stakeholders.

Preference will be given to employment equity candidate. To apply please send your cv to info@heitha.co.za or lodrick@heitha.co.za.

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