Our niche is to focus on the industries we know and understand

This we do in order to deliver high quality service. Understanding our client’s vision and mission, forms the cornerstone of what we do in order to stay relevant, but most importantly to deliver great customer service. Heitha Staffing Group is run on a 4 pillar strategy:

Customer Service
Our passion for customer service is vital to the success of the business. Our promise to our clients, candidates and partners is to deliver value at a reasonable time and cost.
We promise to be open, frank and truthful at all times and deliver on our promise. In case we face challenges in meeting our deadline/commitment; we will let the stakeholder know in time and propose solutions to the challenges.
Skills Development
We will train unemployed graduates (and other youth) with the required skills in order to make them employable. We have trained a number of graduates with FAIS RE Preparation Exams and we plan to roll out this programme nationwide in the nearest future. We will also ensure that the employee’s skill set is relevant to the today’s environment and we will keep on upskilling them.
We will forge partnerships with clients, candidates and other stakeholders that have integrity and also share common goals. We are better and stronger together.