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28 jobs that pay more than R1 million a year in South Africa

Posted on Nov 08, 2018

Data from salary comparison and career resource group Salary Explorer lists 28 jobs in South Africa that draw in a total package exceeding R1 million a year.

The group uses salary related data from various recruitment agencies, companies and employers, and published salary reports.

According to Salary Explorer, the average annual salary in South Africa is R338,500 before taxes – or around R28,209 a month – which is up only marginally from 2017.

“Salaries in South Africa are on the rise in the year 2018 based on recent submitted salaries and reports. Salaries in 2018 are 2% higher than those of 2017. The trend suggests a slow yet slow continuous increase in pay in 2019 and future years,” it said.

The group’s salary data also highlights the inequality in distribution of wealth among the populace, noting that salaries range between R1,850 per month (minimum salary) to R312,000 a month.

The median salary is R20,000 per month, with half (50%) of the population earning less than that.

Closely related to the median are two similar values: the 25th and 75th percentiles. The lowest quarter of the population (35th percentile) are earning less than R12,000, while the highest quarter (75th percentile) are earning more than R35,000 a month.

Salaries vary depending on the level of employment, the sectors the jobs are in, as well as where the jobs are located.

For example, management and executive positions carry the highest monthly average (R60,267 per month), while those working in cleaning and housekeeping have the lowest average (R3,823 per month).

In line with other salary data, jobs in Johannesburg also pay more, with an average of R33,724 per month, compared to Pretoria (R26,265), Cape Town (R26,002), Durban (R23,789), Port Elizabeth (R23,656) and Bloemfontein (R20,560).

The group lists the top 200 best-paying jobs based on its salary data, of which 28 have annual salaries of over R1 million. These are listed below.

The average monthly salary includes housing, transport, and other benefits, the group noted.