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Financial Manager- Zambia

Industry: Other / Job Expires: 2022-05-13 17:36:00 / Location: Limpopo

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Reporting to the Financial Director, the incumbent will be responsible to manage the financial operation as well as control budgets and forecasts while maintaining effective cash management and stock processes.

Qualifications and Experience required:

  • BCom Accounting/Finance or equivalent commercial qualification
  • BCom Honours Accounting or Finance is advantageous
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in a similar industry of Financial Management
  • Computer literacy (Office Suite)
  • People management experience
  • The role is based in Zambia, reporting into South Africa

Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies required:

  • Sound knowledge of local and international Accounting Practices
  • Sound knowledge of Accounting packages
  • People management skills
  • Patience
  • Effective management of Pressure
  • Problem solving
  • Administration

Key Areas of Responsibility

Cash management

  • Responsible for ensuring that the management and administration of debtors and creditors remains accurate and on time to ensure a harmonious relationship between the company, its suppliers and its customers
  • With regard to debtors, responsible for ensuring that record keeping concerning customer accounts are up to date, that invoicing and monthly statements are accurate and issued on time in order to maximise cash collections made by the company
  • Required to ensure that late payments are followed up and that actions are taken to enhance cash collections and, ultimately, to eliminate bad debts
  • Responsible for ensuring that all the administration concerning the management of cash is correct and up to date. This includes, for example, postings, reconciliations and balancing that are required to run an effective financial function

Financial reporting 

  • Responsible for Data/ information from Zambia pertaining to financial reporting which is submitted to head office accurately and in good time.
  • Responsible for ensuring that statistics relevant to the financial management of the business are kept and updated on an on-going basis
  • Responsible for co-ordinating and reviewing the statistics to be submitted to internal and external stakeholders in Zambia

Stock control

  • Responsible for the financial management and control of all stocks in the business, thus ensuring the optimal utilisation of these business assets
  • In this process, responsible for ensuring that the necessary financial controls are in place and exercised over stock while in storage and in transit, e.g., stock takes, monitoring the movement of incoming and outgoing stock, record keeping, and reporting on all metrics of efficiency regarding warehouse management
  • Attendance of stock takes and giving reports on strengths, weaknesses, and threats (SWOT analysis) of the stock control systems.

Accounts Receivable and sales

  • Responsible for management of company’s customer debtors to ensure customers adhere to approved credit terms.
  • In performing debtors’ management, identify control deficiencies and make recommendation on how to improve the sales and debtors’ control environment.
  • Responsible for monthly, weekly and periodical reporting on debtors’ position.
  • Responsible for liaising with HQ- SA on applying customer payments on customer accounts.
  • In performing the AR and Sales management make recommendations to management on interventions to recover debts.
  • Oversee the process of invoicing and back - order reconciliation for customers.
  • Liaise with customers and perform customer reconciliations in conjunction with HQ-SA.

Budgeting and forecasting

  • Responsible for ensuring that the strategic financial management of the Organisation in Zambia pertaining to budgeting and forecasting are managed in order to ensure organizational efficiencies and the competitive position of the business
  • In performing the duties required by this key performance area, responsible on an ongoing basis for remaining environmentally vigilant so that the important external forces can be identified and tracked, and that their influence on the business could be managed appropriately
  • Against this backdrop, responsible for planning, organizing, co-ordinating, and controlling the budgeting process in order to gather valid and reliable information on time from all the stakeholders to serve as inputs into this process
  • Responsible for the compilation of the budget and its submission to Management/Group for approval
  • Responsible for monthly cash outflow forecast and cash management for the company in Zambia

Departmental budget

  • Responsible for drawing up the Financial Department budgets (including opex, salaries and capex) in line with the mission and strategic objectives of the function
  • Responsible for financial management of the department by ensuring that the costs are planned and controlled on an ongoing basis to achieve optimal financial functioning.
  • Responsible for monthly management of the budget by monitoring departmental income statements and the general ledger.
  • Responsible for sound financial management by ensuring that costs are allocated to appropriate cost centres or cost codes
  • Responsible for reporting on the financial position of the department to account for under and over expenditures
  • Responsible for managing capex through systematic needs assessment and by applying appropriate project management and cost management principles

Statutory issues

  • In pursuance of meeting statutory, professional and corporate governance criteria, responsible for seeking ways to design systems so that errors, omissions or deviations could easily be identified, and corrective actions easily implemented
  • In the context of managing the finances of the business, responsible for ensuring that employees in the organisation are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethical conduct in their actions and relationships with all internal and external stakeholders
  • Responsible for ensuring that a Business Conduct Policy and accompanying Guidelines are formulated, communicated to staff, monitored, and implemented (including, for example, offering business courtesies, accepting business courtesies, conflict of interest, staff use of resources)
  • Responsible for ensuring that employees receive training and guidance to recognise ethical issues to assist them in responding appropriately to situations that may arise while performing their work
  • In the event of violation or non-compliance of the Business Conduct Policy, responsible for ensuring that the necessary steps are taken in dealing with the matter appropriately

Management of staff

  • Responsible for the management of the human resources in the Department to ensure sound service delivery to customers both internal and external.
  • In line with departmental needs and with due consideration to AA requirements, is responsible for human resource planning to ensure that the right number and quality of employees are available and utilised to achieve organisational objectives
  • Acts as coach/mentor for staff and ensures that these developmental outputs are practiced by other supervisory staff in the Finance Department

Corporate governance and ethics

To apply, please send your details CV to robert@heitha.co.za or info@heitha.co.za. If we have not contact you in 20 or more days, please consider your application unsuccessful.

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