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Sales Manager Business Banking - Polokwane

Industry: Other / Job Expires: 2018-04-16 21:34:16 / Location: Gauteng

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Overall Job Purpose

To proactively lead and manage the Business Banking Sales Team by embedding a sales culture with a focus on acquisition, retention and expansion thus optimising the economic value o f clients. Manage quality service delivery to clients, risk and compliance and strategic objectives, driving efficiency and productivity, planning and implementing change initiatives and performance plans.

Education and Experience Required

  • NQF Level 6:: B Degree in Commerce/Marketing
  • At least 2 - 5 years of sales and financial experience in a commercial banking environment.
  • At least 5 years of experience in a leadership / management role in a commercial banking environment.
  • Understanding of Complex company Financials
  • In - depth understanding of credit solutions
  • Knowledge on the dynamics of the market place and industries (global, regional and local)

Knowledge & Skills

  • Strong team & performance management skills
  • Strong selling and negotiation skills
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels
  • Excellent comprehension skills to understand
  • Expert financial counselling skills
  • Team - coordination and development skills


  • Deciding and initiating action
  • Leading and Supervising
  • Delivering results and meeting customers’’ expectations
  • Planning and organising
  • Adapting and responding to change
  • Creating and innovating
  • Analysing
  • Working with people

Key Accountabilities

Accountability: Sales, Financial and Service Management

  • Manage and assist the sales team with acquisition, retention and expansion on new and existing clients, offering complex client solutions through tailor made offerings and products to suit the client’s needs.
  • Responsible to embrace and embed the following Sales processes as per business as usual activities, Sales Funnel, Account planning template, Strategic proposal, Utilisation of Product Fact sheets within the sales force
  • Be a permanent member on the internal deal forums where new and / larger transactions are discussed on a biweekly basis and be actively involved in all appeals.
  • Responsible for management of the pipeline and cross sales of all existing transactions in driving the execution thereof in the shortest time possible.
  • Pro-actively plan and visit new and existing clients in conjunction with the individuals to facilitate courageous conversations.
  • Set specific sales and financial performance targets aligned t o the Business Unit's financial targets.
  • Develop a business plan with sector and product specialists that will bring about sustainable balance sheet growth.
  • Implement and embed the tactical and strategic business change initiatives in the business unit .
  • Manage and monitor the Client Management Plans per portfolio according to the Four Pillar Strategy.
  • Manage new business, up - selling and cross sell targets by proactively driving deal teams including but not limited to Sector and Product specialist by using best practice techniques to find client - centric solutions which must be formalised in strategic proposals utilising the available sales tools.
  • Drive and measure the financial and sales targets of the sales team by utilising Value Added Performance Measurement and the Sales Funnel as a tool.
  • Develop a culture where due dates are met continuously to ensure Operational Effectiveness
  • Ensure that the sales team operate and position of the division in a dynamic and highly competitive market place by inter acting with the correct role players & driving key initiatives to secure the client retention and growth.

Accountability: Business Management

  • Manage the levels of performance and service standards that need to be achieved by translating the Business Unit's strategy into achievable objectives and contracting these through the Performance Development process for the team.
  • Manage attendance of cross functional teams with relevant stakeholders, ensure that credit input is given to mitigate the risk on the identified product offering and follow progress on the sales funnel, until the lead is converted into a deal.
  • Promote and continually support the quest for business excellence within the Business Unit by demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and implementing best practices by being keeping abreast of changing industry standards and their impact upon the business and the client
  • Facilitate the improvement of the customer experience by ensuring the sales team provides a world class service to all its customers and utilise Customer satisfaction analysis to ensure that trends are identified and actions plans are formulated to optimise client service.
  • Manage the operating expenses in your area of responsibility by monitoring the operating budget, expenditure and cost efficiency to ensure that the financial objectives are met for the unit, such as staff costs, entertainment.
  • Monitor and manage the adherence to SLA’s in order to maintain and improve on turnaround times to clients.
  • Influence the development, implementation and embedding of tactical and strategic business change initiatives on an ongoing basis.
  • Accountability:: People Manageme nt
  • Create and lead an effective Sales team in order to realise the required financial upliftment and sales culture.
  • Instil and manage a High Performance team by embedding formal performance development plans, mentoring, coaching and training in line with the HR performance policies and calendar.
  • Encourage, influence and build effective and collaborative relationships within your team, cross functional teams, Product & Sector that are mutually beneficial.
  • Create and manage a culture of transformation by capturing the value and wisdom in diversity.
  • Implement an effective talent management framework within area of responsibility by identifying and nurturing talent.
  • Ensure effective Human Capital management from an attraction, development, management and retention perspective.
  • Adopt a holistic approach to ways of working within your team by embedding the "One The organisation " strategy.
  • Create an effective workforce and recruitment demand plans to ensure current and future sustainability.
  • Manage the local HR staff files to ensure that there is compliance to HR policy and affect the necessary updates on MDT.
  • Motivate and inspire team members to perform by ensuring that their efforts are recognised within the available reward and recognition framework.
  • Participate in the creation and implementation of Employee Opinion Survey (EEOS)) actions for the team.

Accountability: Risk Management

  • Ensure that processes, control requirements and risk management frameworks that impact the area are documented and understood by all members of the team
  • Implement agreed corrective action items from Internal Audit and Management Assurance for findings related to the functional area under your control.
  • Ensure that all regulatory and compliance requirements are adhered to and embed change through the understanding of ownership & accountability.
  • Develop and maintain a Risk and Control Assessments (RRCA)) for your area of responsibility, test controls and update in accordance with the requirements.
  • Manage provisions, in conjunction with the RCM.
  • Ensure consistent adherence to The organisation Policy and procedures through effective embedment of processes in conjunction with Manager:: Business Administration.

Accountability: Team Work

  • Be an active participant of the Business Unit Manco in order to develop supportive relationships within the unit.
  • Expanding and maintaining networks across Product/Sector and Group position yourself and the analyst team favourably.
  • Keep abreast of regulatory changes through regular training.
  • Monitor available L&&DD courses to develop your own training whilst helping others in the team to achieve theirs.
  • Attend industry and economic forums to broaden your understanding of the industries your portfolio client are trading on to assist in solutioning decisions.
  • Demonstrate the willingness and ability to perform to the very best levels to ensure personal alignment to the company ’ s values and vision. 

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